What it's like to work with me

You’ll find me to be a soft and relaxed presence at your wedding, focused on capturing openly and honestly the love you have. My style is candid, natural and fly on the wall – I strive to show a sense of quietude in my images. I’m definitely not the kind of photographer who’ll pose you awkwardly a million different ways. I prefer to capture beautiful, intimate moments as they happen, which means you can ignore me and focus on celebrating your day.

I’m passionate about shooting weddings because to me, it’s the ultimate form of photo journalism. I love that before you go into the day everything is just one huge unknown, and then throughout the day you get presented with all of these things happening, that you get to capture and use to tell your vision of that day. I go into the day with zero expectations - obviously there’s a timeline and places to be and things that will be happening at certain times, but the unpredictability of it all is where I shine – is what I love. You can never quite predict the way that the light is going to behave, you can never quite predict that fleeting touch of a hand, a stolen glance between two humans, a smile meant just for one person, the wind picking up someone’s hair, and every single other little, and not so little moment that is going to happen that day. You have to be on, looking for and ready to capture this stuff the whole day. It’s different every single time, and it’s what I thrive on.

On your wedding day I’ll step back and let everything unfold before me – because the most important thing isn’t having photos at the most speccy location, or the best styling, or the best table settings – the most important thing is the love that you two share, and I’ll shoot that as honestly as I can.

It's all about the unguarded, in-between moments.

My favourite thing about capturing weddings is being able to see the unguarded and in-between moments, and translating them into timeless images to last a lifetime. I won’t ask you to do anything that isn’t who you guys are. I’ll simply let you be you, so that I can document as honestly as I can, the biggest the day in your lives.